Our Yacht Concierge service uses a well-established international, multi-lingual concierge infrastructure to deliver your onshore concierge services. It's a service that's truly worldwide. Wherever you are and whatever you need our industry expertise will help assist you in achieving success.

Our services include:
  • Housekeeping, household maintenance, gardening, and key holding
  • Restaurant reservations - anywhere in the world
  • VIP entry to social, sporting and cultural events
  • Hospitality at exclusive functions
  • Gifts and flowers anywhere, anytime
  • Travel and holiday planning, reservations and bookings
  • Extensive travel advice including recommendations, climate & weather, public holidays, passports, customs, visas, tax, flight status, embassy and consulate contacts
  • Chauffeur-driven or self-drive car hire
  • Private plane charter
  • Messages delivered by phone, fax or email
  • Emergency assistance
And while afloat, our services can take care of most things you might need, whether it's for you, your guests or for the yacht. Some examples include: Comprehensive range of marine services, Marina berth and mooring reservations, Fuel with significant savings, Finance and insurance, Vessel provisioning and chandlery, Bedding and bespoke soft furnishings, Yacht maintenance, repair, management and gardiennage, Brokerage services for yacht sales and charter services, Legal services and yacht registrations.

Our Private Yacht Marketplace was designed around one simple, but powerful, idea; to create the premier online destination where high-net-worth individuals can acquire and offer the world's finest private yachts as well as luxury services and bespoke items - all in one place.

After decades in the luxury real estate, yacht, aircraft and auto markets, we decided to expand our close network of partners and specialists by connecting discriminating buyers and sellers both online and offline. We have done so with the help of leading software developers, designers and business consultants to provide our users with a secure and simple way to offer and acquire some of the best private yachts in the world.

In addition, through our digital marketing team, we offer the expertise to assist buyers and sellers in creating a web, mobile and social media presence that delivers the level of service and sophistication you and your audience demand.

Whether you plan to embark upon a fantastic voyage or simply ply your native waters, we offer a selection of premium power and sailing vessels likely to make you the envy of any marina.

With resources that few other companies can match and through our proprietary algorithm, we search available yacht to charter throughout the worldwide marketplace and give you an unbiased recommendation on which chartered yacht best suits your needs. Our experience and resources in the within this segment allow us to give you the best choice for your exclusive yacht chartering needs.

Whatever your destination, we will match your special needs and charter the perfect yacht. If you are looking for a great family getaway or a commercial charter for your business, we have the expertise and knowledge you expect with a proven worldwide track record.

We specialize in finding the right luxury yacht to charter and matching the private yacht crew to fit your needs. Confidentiality and personalized service are our trademark. From celebrity and corporate moguls to private family events, we will handle every detail with the utmost professionalism when you need a private yacht for charter.

Commencing in the 2nd Quarter of 2014, we will be the first in the world to offer Private Yacht Tuning for all propulsion marine engines. While used in varies other industries for over 20-years, this new technology is poised to increase marine economy with the additional capability of enhancing performance without any additional mechanical upgrades or equipment.

Created by a team of European Engineers, this new patent pending process will not only help protect the environment, but will also save owners thousands of dollars each year in fuel consumption and cost.

When applied to the High Performance Segment of marine propulsion, initial users have seen an increase of top end speed ranging from 8% - 15%, depending upon equipment and layout.