HPM Partners

HPM Partners is an independent wealth management firm providing investment management, wealth planning, tax and private capital finance services to individuals, families and institutions across the United States. With offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orange County, Bloomfield Hills and Cleveland, HPM serves clients across the United States.

HPM Partners was recognized as an industry leader in 2013 by Forbes, listed #11 among the Fastest Growing and #44 among the Largest Registered Investment Advisors in America.

In partnership with Magnolia Benefits, HPM offers personalized investment and financial advice to individuals, families, and institutions. We align our interests with those of our clients and provide access to unique investment opportunities that are led by the capital and experience of proven investors. With a focus on Celebrities and Professional Athletes, HPM helps to facilitate lifestyle management, including cash flow budgets, maintenance of cash balances, bill paying, and assistance with large purchases.

HPM's Wealth Management Division works to examine all aspects of our clients' financial wellbeing. We design and coordinate wealth management programs that assist our clients in budgeting cash flow, maintaining liquidity, protecting assets, financing purchases, managing debt, minimizing current and future tax liabilities, transferring wealth, and administering personal and family trusts. Furthermore, we work closely with our clients' other advisors to coordinate, integrate, and implement all advice and solutions.

Seeman Holtz

Seeman Holtz is a leading comprehensive pre and post retirement planning company in the nation. We have been working with the retirement community since 1998. Our organization serves thousands of clients nationwide, helping them to plan & manage all aspects of their retirement. Seeman Holtz is headquartered in South Florida, and offers local offices from coast to coast.

We are committed to providing value to each client relationship. From the initial conversation, we strive to educate clients to our process, our core philosophies and our service model.

Our goal is simple enough: to earn all the business from our clients. We know that the only way to achieve this goal is to consistently provide value.

Seeman Holtz works with clients based upon directions that we have developed over 15 years of working with retirees. Our company did not start with this philosophy. We started out selling products. Over time we identified how various products and strategies fit into different family situations most effectively and more importantly which products and strategies don’t fit in those situations. We started out being good salespeople and over time became advisors. In 2007, we incorporated our formal client service model into our relationships. We went from being advisors to creating value as trusted advisors. Each day we get better at our craft and each day our clients benefit more from the relationship.

With core philosophies and unmatched client appreciation and service, Seeman Holtz has a clear vision to become the most respected pre and post retirement planning company in the nation.

Magnolia Benefits

Magnolia Benefits, which launched in January of 2013, provides purchasing advisory services across practice areas including: Aviation, Travel, Collectibles, Technology, Fashion and Family Services. With nearly 250 completed transactions, Magnolia has already generated approximately $1 million in cost savings and countless hours of valuable time saved for its community of elite families.

Through our new partnership with HPM Partners, Magnolia is expanding its benefits and advisory service beyond our initial relationship with TIGER 21 to a community with nearly 400 ultra-high net-worth families. The addition of HPM's 400 ultra-high net-worth families, added to the existing group of 220 Members from TIGER 21 that Magnolia currently serves, represents an opportunity to establish a purchasing community with assets of over $40 Billion in liquid assets.

HPM Partners now becomes Magnolia's first Alliance Partner as Magnolia begins to build out the most exclusive network of-igh net worth buyers of products and services serving the North American community of Single and Multi-Family Offices.

Family Office Association

The Family Office Association (FOA) is a global membership organization exclusive to single family offices and families of wealth. We are based in Greenwich, Connecticut but have members from all over the United States and around the world. Our membership realizes the value of coming together in a confidential setting to share ideas and compare notes. The Family Office Association seeks to provide the combination of privacy and openness where relationships of trust can grow.

The Family Office Association was started by the entreaty and with the guidance of a handful of single-family offices in Greenwich, Connecticut, who wished to have a regular and safe place to meet others with single family offices and share ideas. True to that spirit, FOA is the trusted and respected source that family offices and families of wealth can turn to for peer networking, expert resources, and fresh perspectives on how to maintain vigorous multi-generational wealth. FOA is the advocate of the concept of establishing and sustaining a single family office devoted to the:

FOA endeavors to find the best experts and notables in the family office industry to educate the membership at our Spring, Summer and Fall Summits, Monthly Luncheon Roundtables, Member Led Peer-to-Peer Sessions, Special Events and Member Retreats. FOA hosts multiple such forums in Greenwich, Manhattan, Palm Beach, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Dallas and Boston. FOA has hosted such legends at our roundtables and summits as Steven A. Cohen, Ray Dalio, John Paulson, Mike Milken, Sam Zell, Michael Moritz, Nouriel Roubini, Ace Greenberg, Peter Thiel, Bill Ackman, David Einhorn, Wilbur Ross, Jim Chanos, Cliff Asness, Glenn Dubin, Jamie Dinan, Paul Singer, Richard Perry, Ron Baron, John Calamos Jr., Jeff Altman, Joel Greenblatt, Mike Novogratz, Dan Loeb, Marc Lasry, Barry Rosenstein, John Bader, Bruce Richards, Nick Maounis, Vic Niederhoffer, John Burbank, Steve Tananbaum, Tom Kempner, Nassim Taleb, Tim Draper, Ian Wace and David Rosenberg.

The Network

It's time to make the most important decision of your career. Choosing those that help guide and work for you isn't going to be easy. Everyone seems to say the same things and make the same promises. Who's going to help you achieve your lifelong GOALS? Why hire an individual when you can hire an entire team? Lawyers, financial managers, accountants, bankers, estate planners, investment advisors, auditors, public relations advisors marketing experts, stylists, custom clothing experts, advertising agents, travel experts, & even 24/7 concierges. All EXPERTS at every position. All working together seamlessly with one common goal. To let you take care of business while WE MANAGE YOUR LIFE and NETWORK you in with the best of the best.

Perfecting the art of negotiation, law, business, financial management, insurance, tax, advertising, public relations, and marketing while MANAGING YOUR LIFE so YOU can FOCUS on ENJOYING it.